Business Valuation – Case Study 1.5

Company profile:
Our client company is dedicated to helping medical practices and billing companies run more efficiently and profitably with their affordable, easy-to-use, easy to implement, web-based practice management/billing software. Since 1990, they have provided cost-saving products to hospitals, surgery centers and physicians’ offices from their growing selection of products.


The Challenge / Business situation:
The purpose of our engagement was to render a liquidation valuation opinion regarding the aggregate value of the minority interest, common stock shareholders for the sole purpose of distributing capital back to its shareholders.


ValuLink Approach and Solution:
Liquidation value was determined by assets such as the real estate, equipment and inventory owned by our client company. All the assets and liabilities in a balance sheet were assessed and then the net realizable value of the assets minus their disposition costs was estimated.


The Result:
Our on-time liquidation valuation opinion helped our client company to distribute their capital back to shareholders in an orderly manner. We were appreciated for ValuLink’s exceptional quality of service.



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