Bankruptcy is a tricky situation where businesses need to make complex choices from limited options. Bankruptcy often pushes businesses into a complicated dilemma where they need to deal with issues related to corporate restructuring, liquidation, reorganization, legal implications and stability. In such situations, ValuLink assists our clients by providing reliable expert advisory services.


ValuLink experts assist our clients in developing recovery plans and bringing in stability in an optimal way, thus helping distressed firms in their recovery process. ValuLink helps our clients with the taxation and accounting implications to bankruptcy filings, bankruptcy transactions, and bankruptcy emergencies.


ValuLink has an extensive experience in providing valuation opinions for bankruptcy cases from the litigation perspective. ValuLink uses generally accepted valuation approaches, methods, and procedures and performs financial analysis and values assets and liabilities. ValuLink’s extensive experience in tangible and intangible asset valuation helps our clients throughout the post bankruptcy recovery process.


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