Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property valuation is required for financial reporting, due diligence, tax compliance, and strategic asset management but the challenge and complexity of IP valuation is increasing as the world continues to expand. Also, for many businesses, Intellectual Property is a significant source of finance and hence IP valuation may be required for identifying and prioritizing assets that drive value.


ValuLink has a vast experience with Intangible Asset Valuations and we assist our clients in managing Intellectual Property transactions in the most valuable way. Widespread experience with intellectual property dealings, generally acceptable methodical valuation approach coupled with multi-industry experience with small as well as big sized companies, has made ValuLink the first choice for our clients.


ValuLink’s comprehensive research and analysis significantly helps our clients in evaluating their IP strategy. Any legal issues in the areas of IP infringement, trademark registration, patents, copyrights need to be handled with extreme significance. The IP valuation can be challenged by the other stakeholders in court and in such cases, ValuLink steps in as an Expert Witness if needed.


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