Training & Guidance

Our services are not only restricted to consulting and professional services. We also provide specialized training and guidance across several sectors of business. ValuLink aims to help our clients maintain the fast pace in today’s global economy and to assist our clients with sustained economic growth.


Constant investment in training and development is crucial for improving the overall performance of any organization. The most successful senior level executives continuously seek to refine their skills and learn new information.


Training Methods and Approaches: Our training & guidance services help our clients to identify business opportunities to make the right decisions and meet the challenges of the business environment to better manage risk. ValuLink’s training and guidance methods can be tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. The highly organized and methodical training schedules conducted by our skilled professionals, help our clients develop their technical knowhow and thus provide assurance to a strong and flourishing business.


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ValuLink offers our clients Expert Valuation Opinions for all kinds of business requirements. Over the years, ValuLink team has effectively performed hundreds of business valuations and determined the fair market value of a number of assets along with common and preferred stock, intangible assets and intellectual property for a variety of purposes, including financial reporting, tax reporting, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions and so on.


With the increasing industry demands for qualified and well-defined valuations, ValuLink provides our clients with an absolute solution for all their business needs. ValuLink assists our clients to approach all their complex corporate transactions with ease. Whether it is strategic buying or selling, goodwill/intangible asset allocation, intellectual property infringement, litigation support or economic damage assessment, our clients trust ValuLink to provide them with the expert opinion, taking into account factors like the general economy, industry conditions, financial performance, management experience, and so on.


Valuation Services we assist our clients with:     •   Purchase Price Allocation     •   Fairness & Solvency Opinion     •   Mergers & Acquisitions     •   Stock Option Valuation     •   Goodwill Impairment     •   Expert Testimony     •   Bankruptcy     •   Intellectual Property     •   More..


Business Valuation Methods and Approaches: Our financial valuation approaches, methods and procedures follow generally accepted valuation standards. The tools and methods applied by ValuLink are chosen based on our client company’s business and industry in addition to the proposed needs of the engagement. ValuLink approach includes comprehensive study of the economy together with market analysis. ValuLink follows the income, cost and market approaches whichever is relevant for the engagement along with the review of financial statements and similar company comparisons.


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Transaction Support

Complex corporate transactions are associated with huge financial risks making it critical to perform timely and in-depth financial analysis for assistance in decision making. Additionally, there are risks related to future performance of the company along with integration issues post transaction completion. In such situations, ValuLink provides our clients with an integrated approach to deal with a wide range of transactions.


ValuLink offers our clients the support and expertise required during all the phases of transactions like mergers, acquisitions, reporting, solvency, spin offs and more. ValuLink's transaction support services assist our clients in accurate decision making with the help of our expert evaluated reports drawn from financial data and in-depth industry knowledge. As a result, our clients can assess their company's financial situation, measure their performance and then proceed with the transaction, mitigating risks to a great extent.


ValuLink provides tailored transaction support services to our clients by analyzing each and every transaction according to the needs and goals of our clients. ValuLink assists our clients in realizing the economic and financial aspects of a transaction and identifying the opportunities and risks involved. ValuLink assists our clients in services like financial modeling, market analysis, risk analysis, valuation and so on.


ValuLink’s transaction support expertise consists of the following services:     •   Purchase Price Allocation     •   Fairness & Solvency Opinion     •   Mergers & Acquisitions     •   Financial Reporting     •   Stock Option Valuation     •   Goodwill Impairment


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Mergers Acquisitions

Every company aspires to expand and grow its business over the years. Expansion and growth can be achieved through several ways like acquisition of assets, initiating new product lines in the business, technological enhancement to stay ahead in the marketplace and many more. This form of growth however is a gradual development and the results can be seen over a period of time.


On the other hand, a company may also think of acquiring another active business as they might anticipate a scope for their external growth, post addition of the new business. This type of expansion can occur in the form of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.


With the rising competition both domestically and internationally, more and more companies are considering mergers and acquisitions to diversify their exposure and existence in the market. The strategic decision to be taken prior to the Merger or Acquisition is most crutial for any company.


ValuLink assists our clients in developing business plans and strategic decision making by providing Expert Business Valuation Opinions for enhancing their company’s growth through mergers and acquisitions. ValuLink's expert opinion helps our clients to effectively maximize their company's growth and eventually facilitates to gain strength, expansion of their customer base, cutting competition or entering into a new market or product segment. ValuLink’s expertise in M&A has successfully helped our clients in their internal and external expansions.


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Fairness Solvency

Fairness opinions are most commonly used to justify transactions to avoid potential conflicts of interest between the board of directors, management and shareholders. It is highly recommended in the best interest of companies to hire an independent firm with in depth industry knowledge, transaction expertise and business judgment.


A Fairness Opinion states whether a Spin-off by your company will be a fair value. A report evaluating the facts is compiled by our qualified advisors for the board of directors and management.


Solvency Opinion is the ability of your company to meet its long-term financial obligations. Solvency is essential to staying in business. A solvency opinion by our expert advisors provides your company with a level of assurance in the Spin-off.


Does the value of your company assets exceed liabilities?


Corporate Spin-Off with adequate business capital?


ValuLink proposes to best serve your company's professional, functional and operational requirements with an 'Expert Solvency Opinion' service offering that includes the following experience and expertise: •   Partner and C-Level Executive in Short-Term/Payday Loan Industry •   Solvency Opinion Bench Depth for greater than (>) $ X00,000,000 transactions, hundreds of fairness and solvency opinions •   Federal Bankruptcy Court and Testimony experience as Designated Expert Witness •   30 year track record; performing thousands of business valuations globally •   Extensive projects undertaken for IRS/DOJ that have withstood top-level scrutiny •   Reviewing Partner, Original Founder of [The Incumbent Valuation Firm] •   Skilled IP, Software and Engineering Expertise including PhDs


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Litigation Support

Companies often face situations when they find themselves in the middle of business disputes. Such disputes can have a huge impact on the business stability and moreover, the company reputation is at stake. In such situations, an independent business valuation is often needed to settle the disputes and to reduce potential risks.


ValuLink's expertise in the valuation of tangible and intangible business assets helps our clients to manage and resolve business disputes, with accurate and reasonable analysis.


ValuLink's litigation experts provide our clients with credible and defensible valuation reports and can assist throughout the legal process as an Expert Witness whenever required by law. ValuLink’s litigation reports have withstood scrutiny at court on several occasions.


ValuLink assists our clients by providing independent business valuation opinions in cases involving the following:-     •   Expert Witness Testimony     •   Bankruptcy     •   Intellectual Property     •   Post Acquisition Disputes     •   Shareholder Dispute Resolution     •   Fiduciary Duty     •   Liquidity & Reorganization     •   Business Dissolution     •   Breach of Contract     •   Tax Controversy     •   Fraud & Investigations     •   Defense of Executive Level Wrongful Termination


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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property valuation is required for financial reporting, due diligence, tax compliance, and strategic asset management but the challenge and complexity of IP valuation is increasing as the world continues to expand. Also, for many businesses, Intellectual Property is a significant source of finance and hence IP valuation may be required for identifying and prioritizing assets that drive value.


ValuLink has a vast experience with Intangible Asset Valuations and we assist our clients in managing Intellectual Property transactions in the most valuable way. Widespread experience with intellectual property dealings, generally acceptable methodical valuation approach coupled with multi-industry experience with small as well as big sized companies, has made ValuLink the first choice for our clients.


ValuLink’s comprehensive research and analysis significantly helps our clients in evaluating their IP strategy. Any legal issues in the areas of IP infringement, trademark registration, patents, copyrights need to be handled with extreme significance. The IP valuation can be challenged by the other stakeholders in court and in such cases, ValuLink steps in as an Expert Witness if needed.


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Expert Testimony

ValuLink assists our clients to resolve issues effectively and provides complete litigation support throughout the dispute resolution process. ValuLink’s independent and accurate analysis facilitates our clients to resolve cases without going to court. However, if disputes go on, ValuLink steps in to provide expert evidence in court, if needed.


ValuLink’s extensive knowledge and familiarity with the litigation process has resulted in our clients engaging ValuLink as an Independent Expert Witness. ValuLink assesses all relevant facts and evidence provided by our clients and assures high quality data analysis coupled with absolute information security and privacy. ValuLink performs in-depth research to support assumptions or conclusions which helps our clients to be well prepared in court.


ValuLink assists our clients by using critical judgment in delivering optimal solutions. ValuLink is well prepared to defend own valuation while effectively critiquing the approaches and assumptions used by the opposing expert.


With ValuLink’s Expert Testimony service assistance, our clients to deal with dispute resolution and litigation issues in the best possible way.


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Bankruptcy is a tricky situation where businesses need to make complex choices from limited options. Bankruptcy often pushes businesses into a complicated dilemma where they need to deal with issues related to corporate restructuring, liquidation, reorganization, legal implications and stability. In such situations, ValuLink assists our clients by providing reliable expert advisory services.


ValuLink experts assist our clients in developing recovery plans and bringing in stability in an optimal way, thus helping distressed firms in their recovery process. ValuLink helps our clients with the taxation and accounting implications to bankruptcy filings, bankruptcy transactions, and bankruptcy emergencies.


ValuLink has an extensive experience in providing valuation opinions for bankruptcy cases from the litigation perspective. ValuLink uses generally accepted valuation approaches, methods, and procedures and performs financial analysis and values assets and liabilities. ValuLink’s extensive experience in tangible and intangible asset valuation helps our clients throughout the post bankruptcy recovery process.


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Gift and Estate Planning

In order to commence with the gift & estate planning and execution process, business owners need to determine how much their business is worth. Adequate disclosure of gifts and estate transfers to family members or other entities requires a qualified appraisal to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities.


ValuLink assists our clients to make informed decisions regarding their gift & estate planning.


ValuLink provides our clients with an independent and qualified business valuation opinion which ensures compliance with the IRS reporting requirements and reduces the potential risk of tax penalties.


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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting is an important aspect for any enterprise, to communicate their financial status to stakeholders, potential investors and the U.S government.


With the ever increasing demand for high-quality reporting from the economic and regulatory point of view, ValuLink provides our clients an exclusive financial report exhibiting insights about the current financial position and performance of their company, which leads to effective economic and business decision making.


Effectively implementing the evolving accounting standards is imperative in an dynamic marketplace and ValuLink's knowledge and expertise in implementing these standards has resulted into high quality financial reporting.

ValuLink renders valuation opinions in conformance with the following FASB standards,known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP):     •   FASB ASC 310, Receivables     •   FASB ASC 320, Investments—Debt and Equity Securities     •   FASB ASC 350, Intangibles—Goodwill and Other     •   FASB ASC 480, Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity     •   FASB ASC 505, Equity     •   FASB ASC 718, Compensation—Stock Compensation     •   FASB ASC 805, Business Combinations     •   FASB ASC 815, Derivatives and Hedging     •   FASB ASC 820, Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures


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Stock Option Valuation

In order to make informed decisions about handling their stock options, our clients need to know the stock option value. There are many factors that determine the value of a stock option including the intrinsic value, the time value, the current stock price, exercise price, volatility, interest rates and dividends paid.


Determining the stock option value can be very complex consisting of intricate formulas and calculations. Moreover, valuing stock options and other equity based compensation has become more significant with the implementation of ASC 718 (formerly, FAS 123R), Compensation – Stock Compensation (“ASC 718”), Derivatives and Hedging ("ASC 815"), Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures ("ASC 820").


ValuLink has extensive experience with stock options and over the years has performed several stock option valuations across multiple industries for small businesses as well as large firms. ValuLink provides our clients with a timely and fully responsive stock option valuation in a reliable manner.


ValuLink applies a wide range of valuation techniques and several options pricing models to determine the value of the stock option as follows:     •   Black-Scholes Model - A Nobel Prize-winning formula and the most widely used.     •   Lattice model     •   Monte Carlo Simulation


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Purchase Price Allocation

Mergers and Acquisitions result into several tax and/or financial reporting requirements. A Purchase Price Allocation Study is performed for both purposes to determine the fair value of assets and liabilities involved in the acquisition. A Purchase Price Allocation is required to accurately reflect a company's worth and to give the potential investors insights on the intangible value of the company.


Intangible assets of a company can be:     •   Patents     •   Trademarks     •   Technology     •   Customer Lists     •   Non-compete agreements     •   Business Methodolgies     •   In-Progress R & D


Purchase Price Allocation is a requirement for various widely recognized accounting reporting standards for financial reporting as follows:     •   FASB ASC 350, Intangibles—Goodwill and Other     •   FASB ASC 805, Business Combinations     •   FASB ASC 820, Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures


ValuLink offers our clients the significant expertise and industry knowledge required for a Purchase Price Allocation. ValuLink has executed numerous Purchase Price Allocation valuation assignments for M&A transactions. ValuLink helps our clients to lay the foundation of a successful acquisition using Fair Market Value Analysis. “Fair value is the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date.”


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Goodwill Impairment

Goodwill is treated as an intangible, long-term asset account held on the balance sheet. It is not depreciated or amortized, but it is subjected to a regular test for impairment to make sure the account balance is not overstated.


When the carrying value exceeds the fair value, then the goodwill is considered to be impaired. Performing goodwill impairment testing is extremely vital for all types of businesses especially for those who have acquired the goodwill through transactions. It is imperative to confirm whether there has been any impairment in the goodwill and, if it has, the impairment loss needs to be measured and recognized.


As a result, from an accounting perspective, it is advised that goodwill impairment tests must be conducted once every year using accurate methodologies specified by Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) ASC 350.


ValuLink analyses the industry our client firm and its underlying reporting units operate in, as well as the general market trends and economic conditions. ValuLink performs careful evaluation of the relevant facts and circumstances and assists our clients with impairment testing on a regular basis. ValuLink’s in-depth intangible asset valuation expertise assures our clients accurate results for their goodwill impairment testing.


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ValuLink’s Consulting Insights help our clients to successfully address issues and challenges they might have encountered in their company at various business levels and which might be significantly impacting their company’s flourishing future. ValuLink helps our clients to improve business processes and provides constant guidance to move towards the top of the ladder. ValuLink proposed methods not only reflect best practices across industries and functions but also day-to-day business realities dealt by companies.


ValuLink provides our clients with customized expert opinions across several dimensions of business including business strategy, strategic planning advisory, operational efficiency, and performance improvement to name a few. Our broad experience across various industries in management consulting coupled with our team of ValuLink experts who are well-connected with the industry and well acquainted with the business cases, leads to an enhanced business performance for our clients enabling them to stay competitive.


ValuLink’s Business Performance expertise leads to:     •   Reduced costs     •   Increased revenue     •   Clear strategic direction     •   Improved organization design     •   Advanced game plan  

Performance Services we assist our clients with:     •   Strategy and Innovation     •   Operational Efficiency     •   Strategic Planning & Advisory     •   Growth Strategy     •   Financial Accounting     •   Process Assessment and Improvement     •   Cash Flow & Liquidity     •   Management Reporting     •   More..


Business Performance Methods and Approaches: At ValuLink, we ensure that our personalized recommendations are well implemented by our clients and the proposed enhancements and changes are managed as per our suggestions. We integrate client training as a vital component. We not only assist our clients to achieve their short term business objectives but furthermore, we also help them build the framework for booming future as well.


Want to align your company’s strategic objectives with operational execution? Contact Us to know more.


Management Consulting

Strategic planning and innovation are vital components for the expansion, success and sustainability of any business. ValuLink’s management consulting services help our clients to grow their company into a successful business enterprise by developing a customized strategic business plan for decision making based on accurate and in-depth research and analysis.


ValuLink provides expert consulting opinions to our clients across multiple industries, in the following areas:     •   Strategy and Innovation     •   Operational Efficiency     •   Strategic Planning & Advisory     •   Growth Strategy     •   Financial Accounting     •   Process Assessment and Improvement     •   Cash Flow & Liquidity     •   Management Reporting


Our clients choose ValuLink as their primary consulting expert because of the following benefits we offer:     •   Focused -goal oriented business plan     •   Profitable Growth     •   Completive advantage in the marketplace     •   Optimized shareholder value     •   Effective ROI – Cost optimization     •   Use of advanced business intelligence and analytics     •   Measurable improved business performance     •   Risk Reduction


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In today’s dynamic environment where the global economy is changing rapidly, it is crucial for every business to implement a flexible strategy which evaluates new opportunities and potential challenges, encourages innovation and creates long-term business value. ValuLink assists our clients to build such a robust strategy which eventually leads to increased business value, accelerated growth and stability and a flourishing business.


ValuLink provides our clients with strategic insights to solve complex problems across business layers, with practical solutions. ValuLink’s structured approach towards problem solving by utilizing our in-depth industry knowledge in combination with rigorous analysis helps our clients to address business issues and achieve their goals. ValuLink provides our clients with optimal support throughout the execution of the strategy for shaping businesses.


ValuLink provides our clients strategic assistance in the following areas:     •   Strategic Planning & Advisory     •   Growth Strategy     •   Financial Accounting     •   More..


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Strategic Planning Advisory

ValuLink’s strategy planning and advisory services are focused on long-term value creation based on real-time implementation of results-oriented strategic plans. ValuLink assists our clients to achieve their strategic goals by developing and executing optimal strategies and refining business models to achieve success.


ValuLink’s has extensive experience in managing businesses across industries, at all stages. ValuLink’s expertise in developing tailored solutions and structured implementation helps our clients to improve their operational execution and enhance their strategic decision making process. ValuLink utilizes a methodical approach to help our clients periodically measure and monitor the progress of their strategic business implementation.


ValuLink’s Strategic Planning and Advisory Services cover the following areas:     •   Corporate Strategy     •   Mergers and Acquisitions     •   Innovation     •   Marketing Strategy     •   Operational Excellence     •   Supply Chain & Manufacturing     •   More..


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Growth Strategy

Increasing volatility in the global marketplace has made it more and more difficult for businesses to build and implement innovative and effective business growth strategies. In the midst of such uncertainties, ValuLink assists our clients in achieving continuous and profitable growth by developing a customized strategic growth plan.


ValuLink helps our clients in defining their growth objectives, developing a strategic growth plan and executing their growth strategy at various organizational levels. ValuLink helps our clients identify barriers to growth which allows them to make the most of each and every business opportunity.


ValuLink assists our clients by benchmarking business activities to determine their competitive advantage in the market. ValuLink provides our clients periodical insights and market data to help their businesses grow and achieve their potential.


ValuLink’s Growth Strategy Services covers the following areas:     •   Business Expansion     •   Innovative Business Models     •   New market opportunities     •   Innovations in existing markets     •   Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Challenges     •   More..


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Financial Accounting

Businesses today are facing complex challenges with the rapidly increasing need for accurate and high quality accounting to report their financial position. At such crucial times, ValuLink provides expert financial accounting services which help our clients to improve the quality of their financial reporting.


Financial accounting is a fundamental step in support of corporate transactions like mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, solvency, purchase price allocation transactions. ValuLink’s financial accounting services assist our clients in strategic decision making and implementation.


ValuLink’s financial accounting reports assist our clients in better corporate decision making and help them to focus on the core business activities and critical investments. This in turn results into improved returns and stability.


ValuLink uses the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for all financial accounting practices in accordance with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). ValuLink provides our clients with accurate financial reports which are prepared for any kind of audit scrutiny.


Need Financial Accounting for your Business Transaction? Contact Us to know more.


Operational Efficiency

Increasing the effectiveness of operational processes in a business is significant to maintain productivity. Furthermore, it is essential to be constantly attentive to the evolving market conditions to retain the competitive advantage. ValuLink assists our clients in achieving such operational efficiency by streamlining processes, optimizing costs and improving functionalities.


ValuLink helps out clients to identify and transform processes which do not add value to their business thus resulting into cost optimization. ValuLink enables our clients to increasingly focus on improving their operations, thus utilizing their resources cost effectively and in a sustainable manner.


ValuLink assists our clients to define best practices across different organizational levels and functions. This in turn results into risk mitigation and increased efficiency. ValuLink also ensures that our clients meet the required process compliance to avoid operational overheads.


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Process Assessment and Improvement

A company’s growth and success depends on the effectiveness of its business processes. Designing optimal processes is a complex task due to inter-dependencies on other processes and vital resources like time and money. Inefficient processes add to business costs, are a waste of time and can create bottlenecks.


ValuLink assists our clients in prioritizing and evaluating critical processes, identifying inefficient processes, suggesting improvements and monitoring the improved processes to ensure profitability. ValuLink assists our clients to identify their key performance indicators (KPI) and measure business performance by following frequent process assessment and improvement loops.


ValuLink’s business process assessment and improvement services help our clients to enhance their processes and accelerate their efforts leading to optimal utilization of resources. ValuLink’s business process improvement practices allow our clients to reduce their costs by minimizing losses and maximizing productivity. In due course, our clients achieve operational efficiency leading to overall growth.


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Management Reporting

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, management reporting plays a crucial role in achieving business success. ValuLink assists our clients in designing and implementing the organizational strategy, optimizing resource utilization and improving profits margins based on the outcomes of our high quality management reports.


ValuLink assists our clients in meeting their strategic objectives by making executive decisions and monitoring their decisions for implementation effectiveness to influence business performance.


ValuLink’s highly organized management reports assist our clients to analyze the financial position of their business, identify inefficiencies in business processes at various levels, manage costs and improve productivity.


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As financial experts say, about 60% of the business failures are due to cash flow problems. Effective cash management is the key to a successful business.


Cash flow represents the operational activities within the business. A business can boost its cash flow by managing operational activities like product sale, cost reduction, collecting accounts receivables on time and more.


Liquidity is a company’s ability to pay off its short-term debt obligations. A company needs to have adequate liquidity to be able to pay its current liabilities such as accounts payables.


ValuLink helps our clients to make strategic decisions related to such business activities with an objective to increase cash flow within the business. ValuLink’s cash flow management consulting services assist our clients to maintain a steadily increasing Cash Flow Liquidity Ratio.


Need assistance with your Cash Flow Management? Contact Us to know more.


ValuLink helps our clients to ensure that they meet all the necessary obligations with respect to compliance. We assist our clients to comprehend and interpret the legal obligations in running a business, mergers & acquisitions, and so on. Our compliance solutions include Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, corporate governance and more. ValuLink has helped our clients to successfully manage organizational risks and avoid unwanted fines and penalties.


It has been observed over a period of time that there is a general mistaken belief when it comes to business compliance. Companies believe that they might be complying with all rules and regulations whereas in reality, they are not acquainted to what is mandatory for a company to be in compliance. Compliance is an integral part of any business, failure to which can lead to huge penalties and in some cases result into closure of business. ValuLink helps our clients to identify and manage such regulatory risks.


Business Compliance expertise we can assist our clients with:     •  Identify organizational risks     •  Implement internal controls to shield an organization from those risks     •  Monitor the effectiveness of those controls     •  Resolve compliance conflicts     •  Advise the business on rules and controls  

Compliance Services we assist our clients with:     •   SOX Compliance     •   Internal Controls Audit     •   Solvency Opinions     •   Transparent Reporting     •   More..


Business Compliance Methods and Approaches: Managing our client's reputation to avoid fines and penalties is our first priority. ValuLink not only ensures that our clients comply with internal systems of control but also compliance with the external regulations imposed as a whole upon the company. We take proper steps to ensure complete data protection.


Want to ensure if your company meets the necessary internal and external requirements? Contact Us to know more.


Risk Advisory

Risks are important aspects that need to be tackled in any business to facilitate smooth functioning of processes within the organization and to improve overall performance. Failure to anticipate business risks in an organization can lead to losses and reputation damages.


ValuLink provides proactive risk advisory support to our clients in every stage of risk management, in the most challenging environments. ValuLink assists our clients to enhance their risk management techniques in order to achieve their business objectives.


ValuLink ensures that our clients have the ability to effectively mitigate any business risks they might encounter at any stage of the business cycle. ValuLink’s broad experience in enterprise risk management has helped our clients manage and control risks, leading to increased business value.


Is your organization equipped to deal with risks? Contact Us to know more.


Transparent Reporting

The need for transparent reporting is ever increasing in today’s business world. Regulators and stakeholders are demanding more accurate, reliable and transparent information to be disclosed in limited timeframes.


ValuLink provides reliable information to our clients in the form of financial reports which helps our clients to increase business value and improve organizational efficiency. ValuLink assists our clients by improving accuracy, control and transparency within the organization.


ValuLink’s transparent reporting services allow our clients to explore areas of improvement in business processes, internal controls, and budget management and thus assist in strategic decision making.


Looking for Transparent Reporting to share with your Stakeholders? Contact Us to know more.


Regulatory Compliance

Companies in today’s world are experiencing the ever-increasing pressure of complying with complex business rules and regulations. Non-compliance to rules and regulations can lead to severe consequences and in addition to penalty.


ValuLink broad experience in regulatory compliance helps our clients to analyze their existing levels of compliance. ValuLink ensures that our clients are well informed of the changing regulatory requirements. ValuLink monitors regulatory compliance for our clients, and additionally provides insights to manage their competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Our team comprises of professionals with significant regulatory experience and industry knowhow, thus assisting our clients to be compliant and avoid risks in future.


Is your Business Compliant to Laws and Regulations? Contact Us to know more.


SOX Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) has impacted many companies as they continue to struggle for the best way to implement the SOX requirements and reduce compliance costs.


ValuLink assists our clients in implementing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) in an optimal way and ensure SOX compliance. ValuLink professionals have extensive experience in developing a sustainable and cost effective SOX Compliance solution.


ValuLink has successfully conducted several SOX compliance consulting services providing increasing value to regulators and stakeholders.


Need support for your SOX Compliance initiative? Contact Us to know more.


Internal Controls Audit

Businesses today are more and more focused on internal controls assessment. ValuLink provides expert internal controls audit services to our clients based on audit analytics.


ValuLink helps our clients to test the efficiency of their business operations, internal reporting systems and ensures compliance. Our professionals have a broad expertise in financial reporting, internal controls reporting and financial statement reviews.


ValuLink assesses the effectiveness of internal controls and ensure that our clients are organized to address business risks, are compliant and thus provide a level of assurance.


Want to ensure if your company meets the necessary Internal Controls requirements? Contact Us to know more.


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