Management Consulting – Case Study 3.1

Company profile:
Our client company is a reputed laboratory serving the medical device industry with the objective of offering services and guidance that meet customer requirements. Our client company offers medical device testing that includes product sterility, pre-sterilized bio burden, environmental monitoring, sterilization validations, packaging medical devices, sterilization and distribution of medical devices for various companies worldwide. Our client is registered with the FDA and ISO accredited to 13485:2003 to ensure that all of their services are regulated, current and quality-driven.


The Challenge / Business situation:
The purpose of our engagement was to provide Strategic Planning & Business Advisory Support to our client company to increase its business value and performance.


ValuLink Approach and Solution:
We achieved a deeper understanding of our client company’s business processes and operations. We discussed with key company professionals to determine successes and challenges with prior business strategies, market segments, and operational execution approaches followed by internal and external research in all departments. We assessed, analyzed, and aligned processes, systems, and people, primary focus being at the management.


The Result:
We provided a full service strategic planning and implementation solution, along with financial consulting and strategic advisory on our client company’s initiatives, business and financial analysis for expansion into its predetermined key market segments. Based on ValuLink’s analytical insights, the client is identifying operational inefficiencies and increasing investment in its best performing business lines.



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