Management Consulting – Case Study 3.4

Company profile:
Our client company is a commercial real estate property management company and is one of the pioneers in Mini-Storage Facility Industry. In addition, both the Chairman and President are involved in multiple business ventures beyond the scope of real estate investments.


The Challenge / Business situation:
Our client was using a proprietary financial planning process and software application that just was not addressing the unique aspects of their business objectives and management. The purpose of our engagement was to re-design and streamline our client company’s financial planning process and software application to align with their management objectives.


ValuLink Approach and Solution:
During the course of our engagement, we provided creative solutions while remaining attentive to our client company’s desired solution set for the financial planning process. We solved our client company’s proprietary and confidential strategic planning initiatives associated with their new business ventures for accelerating their business growth.


The Result:
Post the delivery of the re-designed financial planning process, our client company had a clearly defined planning process that addressed market research, location selection and costs, land development, construction, revenue generation, profit maximization, capital structure, and valuation.


Client Company Feedback:

“ValuLink, L.L.C. did a great job! In every aspect, I rate you as Excellent.”
– President
Watson & Taylor, Inc.


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