Business Valuation Consulting – Case Study 2.1

Company profile:
Our client company is a global commodity trading and processing company specializing in coffee, cotton, and cocoa in major producing and consuming countries, with ancillary agricultural operations in oilseeds. It is one of the world’s top two merchants in coffee, one of the largest coffee millers in the world, and among the top five merchants in both cotton and cocoa. The target company is a premier coffee and related products manufacturing organization in North America, providing the most integrated, world-class services and products at the highest quality and value to its long-term strategic clients.


The Challenge / Business situation:
The purpose of our engagement was to provide a Valuation Consulting Opinion to help our client company scope their Purchase Price Allocation for their target company.


ValuLink Approach and Solution:
The scoping of the purchase price allocation required identification, classification and determining the fair values of tangible assets and liabilities. This demanded substantial proficiency in several disciplines as well as valuable insights across industry sectors, which could be achieved by ValuLink due to our expertise and vast experience in these areas. Our client company could better understand the specific issues with regards to purchase price allocation for both tax and financial reporting purposes.


The Result:
We effortlessly met our client company’s expectations at each stage of our engagement and we were appreciated for ValuLink’s responsiveness and quality of service.



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