Hunt Brothers engages ValuLink to enhance its Business Performance

Hunt Brothers

A Commercial Landscape and Full Maintenance Service Provider


We are pleased to announce that Hunt Brothers, Inc.’s President & CEO engaged ValuLink to evaluate and value the largest acquisition target in its business history, which dates back to 1997.


Our client was in the middle of an aggressive growth mode supported by a combination of acquisition and organic growth. Therefore, ValuLink met our client to understand the strategic objectives of its business initiatives. During the due diligence stage of the acquisition, ValuLink identified discontinuities in the financial performance of the Target and sustainable operating performance of our client’s management style. Post due diligence, ValuLink reviewed, collaborated, and advised our client on the key drivers of the Target’s valuation and reflected findings through adjustments to the operating performance of the Target. As a result of ValuLink’s in-depth analysis, insight into industry multiples, and understanding of the asking price of the Target, our client had a deeper understanding of the future operational performance of the Target. With ValuLink’s consultation, our client, without hesitation, increased its ffering price 73% still remaining 25% under the fair market value of equivalent transactions within the industry. Therefore, our client’s top-line and bottom-line business performance was enhanced.


Client Company Feedback:

“You [ValuLink, L.L.C.] exceeded my expectations. In the end, I followed your valuation recommendation and purchased our targeted company from its shareholders.”
– President & CEO
Hunt Brothers, Inc.


About Hunt Brothers, Inc:
Hunt Brothers, Inc. is a commercial landscape and maintenance full service provider. Their commercial clients are located throughout Dallas, Forth Worth, and surrounding cities within the State of Texas. In addition, the President is involved in owning and operating other peripheral businesses. Read more:


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